MABL for My ACRA Backend Laboratory is an ACRA backend based on PHP, MySQL for the server side and Twiter boostrap, jQuery for the client side.

This backend is developed for our needs. But we think some people would find it useful. We want is a backend :

  • simple to use
  • with all key information quickly available
  • based on technology which allow installation on shared hosting provider (PHP/MySQL/Javascript)

MABL is more than an ACRA backend, it is an all-in-one tool for Android application developers. You can manage crashes of your applications, follow your sales with appropriate statistics. It also integrates a Play Store publication description tool and Android Asset Studio to easily generate your application's style.

  • Reports grouped by issue

    Reports which represent the same error are automatically grouped into an issue.

    You can define a milestone, a priority and a state.

  • Formatted stack trace

    The stack trace is well formatted with exception highlight

  • Formatted logcat

    As stack trace, the log cat is also formatted for a cleaner look, easy reading and priority highlight.

  • Sales statistics

    Import your sales report from Google developer console and get some useful statistics.

  • Play Store description

    Manage publication description for Play Store in several language using templates.

    Keep the same description layout between your applications and languages.

    Save time, simply fill the predefined fields.

Online Demo

You can try MAB-LAB following this link Use the account below :



MABL is available on GitHub : releases

  • Group same reports by issue
  • Multiple filtering and ordering options
  • Support silent reports
  • Milestones management
  • Support issue priority and state
  • Dashboard with useful stats and graph
  • Multi users
  • Sales statistics based on google daily sales reports
  • Manage your application publication descriptions in several languages
  • Integrates Android Asset Studio
  • Support HTTP basic authentication through PHP or .htaccess file
  • Support device exception list for testing purpose
    »  19 Mai 2014 : 1.3.3-Helen
  • Complete Asset Studio integration
  • Sales statistics improved
  • Currency support for sales report added
  • Missed add and remove application features
    »  13 April 2014 : 1.3.2-Helen
  • Support devices exception list from which reports will be ignored
  • New chart: daily sales per month
  • Sales table can now be filtered and ordered
  • Some issues fixed
    »  23 Feb. 2014 : 1.3.0-Helen
  • Milestones management
  • Applications management
  • New issue state : TESTING
  • New issue details dialog
  • Introduced comment field for issue
  • Improved issues table presentation
  • Publication tools (still in development)
  • Sales tools (still in development)