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Our goal is to provide an application both complete and easy to use. We use the best of Android to provide a fast, reliable and energy efficient application.

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Just what I was looking for // Great app. So far // Easy to use // This is an easy program and very helpful.

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New update for ★★★ Monicar ★★★, new user interface, new features !!!

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★★★ Full version is available from now until Christmas at -15% off the regular price ★★★

Get Christmas Gift List without ads, and more features at a discounted price, from now until Christmas !

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Discover the new version of Christmas Gift List with useful features :

  • Manage a list per year
  • Sharing options
  • Choose a custom currency

No excuses if you miss someone for Christmas ...

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We introduced new feature this year, then it's normal to produce a new presentation video.

Watch it directly on youtube or on the app description page here.

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Why not reward good deeds rather than punishing poor behavior ?

Give your children a little incentive to do good deeds! They do the deed, you set the prize, everyone wins !

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Android Lollipop will be available soon ! But don't care, our apps will be ready for it !

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